Open Letter from Charlotte Roe Environmental misdeeds are flourishing, as those who value their financial gain above clean air and water, wildlife, and measures to combat global warming are using the COVID-19 pandemic to make hay. One of the biggest is now before us — and calls for quick action. 1. The BLM, in its long […]

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Aruba Today reports that, last Wednesday, May 27, a leatherback turtle hatching took place on Eagle Beach, just in front of the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. As Turtugaruba informs, in Aruba (as in most of the Caribbean) the nesting season runs from March through September, and hatching takes place from May to November (incubation […]

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During this time when we’re all thrown off our usual paths, most of us are forced, in one way or another, to look at our surroundings in a new light. During Covid, insects may not strike you as enlightening, but then again, they might. Here are a few insects I have seen […]

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Calidris pugnax A large population of the Ruff migrates annually to South Africa to spend the austral summer here, the first birds arriving from August and the last departing back to breed in northern Europe and Siberia by April. A few individuals choose to remain here throughout our winter. They’re mostly seen at and around […]

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