The San Francisco Chronicle reports Sudden Oak Death (SOD), a deadly disease for oak trees, is on the rise in California. According to a survey conducted by UC Berkeley scientists, the number of infected trees has almost doubled since 2018. Read article at ‘Scariest tree pathogen in the world’ spreading rapidly in California – SFGate

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Source: Multiple “Opponents said it could ultimately put the horses at risk of slaughter…” Over the objections of wild horse advocates, Nevada’s Board of Agriculture voted Tuesday to transfer control of as many as 3,000 free-roaming mustangs in Northern Nevada to a nonprofit group. The board announced in October it was terminating an existing agreement […]

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Turdus libonyana The Kurrichane Thrush is a shy denizen of open woodlands and dense vegetation fringing river courses, and have adapted to well-planted parks and gardens in our towns and cities. They feed on a wide variety of fruit and invertebrates. Usually encountered in monogamous, territorial pairs, Kurrichane Thrushes breed from late winter to early […]

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