Smaug barbertonensis A shy denizen of well-shaded, bouldered hills and mountains with plentiful crags and fissures, the diurnal Barberton Girdled Lizard feeds on invertebrates, frogs and small geckos. Excluding their tails, adults can measure up to 13cm in length. Females give birth to 2-6 babies in late summer. Considered by some authorities to be a […]

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Asian elephants, like great apes, dogs, certain corvids (the bird group that includes ravens), and us, have now been shown to recognize when a herd mate is upset and to offer gentle caresses and chirps of sympathy, according to a study published February 18 in the online journal PeerJ. Intimate Gestures The scientists studied 26 […]

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207 Environmentalists killed in 2017

It was a record year for killing environmentally-concerned people in 2017. Some were killed just trying to protect precious landscapes from Asian island developers. Game Keepers and Wardens in Africa have  taken a big hit, too.

Evidence suggests at least some were at the hands of governments, others the victims of plantation developers and corporate farmers.

The rush in Southeast Asia to cultivate Palm Oils and other lucrative commodities, and growing cattle ranging in Africa, is all coming at the expense of rare wildlife as these and other practices continue at an ever greater pace.