Wyoming Horse Roundup…

Source: wildhoofbeats.com Why the Checkerboard Wild Horse Roundup in Wyoming is Personal by Carol J. Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation *Reminder* Please call your Senators this week to save our wild horses – more at the end of this blog post. This roundup is personal. I have been following, photographing, […]

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CLICK LINK BELOW FOR INFORMATION https://rtfitchauthor.com/2017/10/10/carol-walker-dir-of-field-documentation-for-wild-horse-freedom-federation-with-updates-on-latest-blm-roundups-of-wild-horses-in-wyoming-and-the-lawsuit-filed-to-try-to-stop-it-wed-101117-on-w/ http://www.kotatv.com/content/news/US-government-halts-Wyoming-wild-horse-roundup-amid-dispute-450480363.html

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No Room For Horses?

SOURCE: The Wildlife News By Erik Molvar, Western Watersheds Project When Erik Molvar of Western Watersheds Project (WWP) and Val Cecama-Hogsett of Citizens Against Equine Slaughter (CAES) met at a law conference in the spring of 2016, they had differing views of wild horses but they also had one clear common goal: to change the […]

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Przewalskii Wild Horse


Przewalkii’s horse is a short  far Eastern horse horse sub-species that went extinct in he wild in  the 1960’s but was brought back into the wild with the re-introduction of two small herds into two wild areas of Mongolia in the 1980’s.

At the present time there are an estimated 248 horses in the wild herds, and about 1500 in Zoos and rare animal farms.