Why It Matters – Endangered Species — Maggie Dewane

One in four living things on the planet are endangered. A significant cause of species becoming endangered is habitat destruction, which is typically at the hands of humans for development of agricultural land, infrastructure, and business or home. In the US, the Endangered Species Act, signed in 1973, was the first law of its kind […]

Why It Matters – Endangered Species — Maggie Dewane



In 1999 the total giraffe population was estimated at 125,00, and in 2010 at 99,000. Although not considered endangered the downward trend is not good. Giraffe populations are widespread from Chad to South Africa, but have become extirpated in some countries. Certain sub-species are experiencing dangerously low numbers. Hunting is still permitted by big game hunters in several countries, while in some the giraffe is partially protected.