Beaked Whales

This video is called Gervais’ Beaked Whales (Mesoplodon europaeus) off Madeira, Portugal June 5, 2012. From the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center in the USA: Scientists eavesdrop on little-known beaked whales to learn how deeply they dive October 11, 2017 Scientists have reported the first dive depths for Gervais’ and True’s beaked whales, two of […]

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Humpback Whales Research

This 2015 video is called Humpback Whales Blowing & Diving – Four of them. From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the USA: Humpback whale blow microbiome described Drone collected samples provide new tool for health monitoring October 10, 2017 A new study by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and colleagues identified for the first […]

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