People of the forest — Wibble

25 orangutans will die today. Just like yesterday. And tomorrow. Palm oil deforestation is killing the last orangutans on our planet, and if we don’t act now, in just eight years there won’t be any left. Orangutans need trees to live. But profit-hungry companies are tearing down and burning their rainforest homes to grow palm […]

People of the forest — Wibble

Malay Civet- in Singapore

Malay civet

The  Malayan Civet, thought to be extinct on the Island of Singapore, was recently photographed by night camera in one of the country’s national parks. Not common, this nocturnal catlike mammal is hard to detect at the best of times.

Singapore has introduced a Green Plan, an attempt to restore as far as possible the fauna and flora that existed before the island became highly urbanized and developed for plantation use. The country has lost a large number of native fish, animal and bird species over the last 150 years as humankind’s interest has superceded those of the native animal and plant stock!

Hopefully, the island nation’s new Green Plan will help reverse some of the damage previously caused.