In May 2018, I visited South Africa as a conservation volunteer and I was lucky enough to spend some time with Project Rhino, seeing how much effort is going into the fight against rhino poaching. Project Rhino is a group of conservation agencies working together to combat rhino poaching and wildlife crime in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), […]

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Two poachers have been killed during coordinated raids by armed rangers in Kruger National Park in South Africa. Two sets of freshly harvested rhino horn were seized during the 72-hour operation, but rangers have yet to locate the dead or dying animals slaughtered for their ivory. Ten arrests were made, including a serving police officer […]

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Rhino Preservation Plan in Assam!

The following has been copied from the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo Blog. The Zoo is dedicated to preserving species, educating the public and protecting the environent that embraces all of us on the planet. For further information do yourself a favor and take a look at the Zoo website. Care * Inspire * Empower Posted […]

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Trophy Hunter/Killers!!!

Dedicated to icons as Cecil, Xanda, his brother and all wildlife, who lost, and still loose their precious lifes, by facing the destructive power of lead.

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Safari Travelers…Tanzania!

Waking up in a safari lodge or safari camp is an exciting proposition, no matter how you look at it. There is an air of anticipation and expectation that is hard to describe as there is really only a single purpose sitting in front of you and that is to see as many animals as […]

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Northern White Rhino Male- the last one!

By RAELEIGH SMITH (contributing reporter) – Recently (March 19) Sudan the last male Northern White Rhino died, leaving only two females remaining. Rhinoceroses – of which there are five species – are the second-largest land mammal after elephants. The white rhinoceros consists of two subspecies: the Southern White Rhino and the much rarer and critically […]

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A zoo west of Paris lost one of its three Rhinoceros to well organized poachers. The carefully planned entry into the zoo and the Rhino enclosure was a surprise and shock to zoo administrators, staff and the public.

The valuable horn was removed from the dead White Rhino  and the criminals left without much of a trace.

Is there no limit to this nonsense for horn deemed useful and precious as a male sexual aid, popular in the orient, but scientifically proven to be as useless as ground fingernail to which it closely resembles?


South Africa and India Loosing the War Against Poachers?

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South Africa and Northern India are loosing the war against  Rhino poaching as one big Rhino horn can fetch as much as $50,000 on the black market. In South Africa, even though the park rangers are numerous and heavily armed, Rhino losses continue at an unprecedented rate.

‘All of Kruger National Park is under siege’ quotes an official.

Things are not much better in Northern India where officials are tying to preserve and protect the vanishing one-horn, armoured,  Asian Rhino. The Indian government officials vow to step up their efforts at protection of this rare species.

The problem is the crime organizations that are behind this poaching and trade are more committed and determined than the governments that are charged with protecting these creatures, and the legal official entities are regularly outsmarted and out maneuvered!

Not a very good situation! GET COMMITTED!