Ocean Acidification and Shellfish Production…

Highlights • We estimate both direct and economy-wide economic losses of shellfish production by 2100 in UK. • Direct potential losses due to reduced shellfish production range from 14% to 28% of fishery NPV. • Total loss to the UK economy from shellfish production and consumption range from £23 – £88 million. • There are […]

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Five new Blanket-Hermit crabs discovered…

This video says about itself: Hermit crab housing chain – Life Story: Episode 3 preview – BBC One A small hermit crab joins a housing chain to secure a new home. Some other hermit crab species, however, have a different way of life. From ScienceDaily: Five new blanket-hermit crab species described 130 years later from […]

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The New York Times reports More than half of the world’s oceans belong to no one, which often makes their riches ripe for plunder. Now, countries around the world have taken the first step to protect the precious resources of the high seas. In late July, after two years of talks, diplomats at the United […]

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