Stepping Up Our Green Game!

As consumers, are we doing enough to help save our beautiful, green planet? In Borneo, palm oil plantations, are destroying the homes of many endangered species. It’s time for us to seriously step it up.

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Protection Guarantee for Gunung Leuser National Park. Sumatra…

The Aceh provincial government has vowed to protect Gunung Leuser National Park, the core part of the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, by canceling infrastructure projects in the park. However, questions linger over the future of the remaining part of the wider ecosystem, where planned infrastructure projects remain unaffected by the latest pledge. Activists have called […]

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Pepsi and the Environment?

Kevin, This is an all hands on deck moment in the fight against Conflict Palm Oil. After years of pressure, PepsiCo has finally adopted a new policy for palm oil, but it leaves a loophole big enough to drive a bulldozer through, threatening Indonesia’s people and forests. It’s time for tough action to ensure PepsiCo […]

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Pepsi Not Supporting Environment?

Dear Kevin, Right now, ILRF staff and other activists are taking direct action at PepsiCo’s Washington, D.C. office to send a clear message: We will not allow Pepsi to continue making billions of dollars in profit at the expense of worker exploitation and rainforest destruction in Indonesia. Pepsi buys nearly half a million metric tons of […]

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SOS, a grim warning carved out of a palm oil plantation…

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic has carved a giant SOS message into an Indonesian palm oil plantation, as part of a campaign on the impact of such plantations on tribal communities and endangered species. The giant SOS signal, which the artist completed last month, runs for about a half-kilometre inside a plantation in North Sumatra, and can […]

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Your 401(k) fund could be destroying the world’s precious rainforests — Quartz

Most working Americans have no idea how their retirement plans work. Until very recently, neither did I. When we hear phrases like 401(k), Roth IRA, and pension plans, we might be able to conjure some vague ideas as to their basic premise—squirrel away enough of your paycheck in one of these mystical accounts, and maybe…

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Leonard DiCaprio vs Indonesia’s conservation policies

The Indonesian government has threatened to ban DiCaprio from Indonesia as he has been critical of that country’s opening up protected wild Asian elephant habitat to more palm oil plantation development.  That government has been over aggressive in allowing the stripping of the Sumatran jungle at the expense of the local dwindling elephant, tiger and orangutan populations.

What’s more, heart doctors will tell you that palm oil, used in big brand name candy bars and other products, is not one of the oils that is good for you…

…look at your next chocolate. bar if it says contains palm oil, don’t buy it. Chances are it comes from that part of the world. Save your heart and animals, too!


The species is divided into two subspecies: the ‘Bornean’ and the ‘Sumatran’ with populations now found in only Borneo and Sumatra.  Habitat has declined by as much as 55% over the last twenty years, due to many things, but mainly  conversion of the traditional  natural environments into palm oil plantations, some developed by  a division of one of the world’s largest cereal companies, and by a giant international soap products company or a offshoot thereof. Some of these lands are simply ‘burnt off’ to clear them for plantation plantings.

Road development, the pet trade, the ignoring of scientific evidence by developers, all ad to the difficulties that already  exist.

The situation is not good!

What can a person do to fight this stuff? Well, first of all there are heart doctors who will tell you that palm oil is not the best thing you can consume. So, check your package contents list for ingredients, then don’t eat the stuff if it contains palm oil- you might be surprised how many products contain this ingredient, like many, if not most , chocolate bars.

And/or you could buy only no-name cereals and soaps…but let’s do something!