New research led by Cardiff University has shown that under a ‘business-as-usual’ scenario of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, ocean acidification is likely to hit unprecedented levels. Ocean acidification occurs when CO2 from the atmosphere is absorbed by seawater, resulting in more acidic water with a lower pH.

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This 2017 video is called Things You Should Know About Beluga Whales. From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the USA: Beluga whales have sensitive hearing, little age-related loss June 20, 2018 Scientists published the first hearing tests on a wild population of healthy marine mammals. The tests on beluga whales in Bristol Bay, Alaska, revealed […]

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Habitat Loss!!!

Habitat loss, deforestation and fragmentation pose the greatest threat to wildlife and biodiversity on the planet. The world’s forests, lakes, swamps, savannahs and natural areas will continue to disappear as habitats and natural resources are exploited for human consumption. Major causes of deforestation are for expansion of agricultural land, harvesting of timber, wood […]

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Leatherback Turtles!

Tuesday April 24th Location: The Bay Model, Sausalito CA Time: 7 pm Join ACS-SF Bay Chapter for a fascinating presentation by Scott Benson M.S.C. With their immense size and peculiar appearance, leatherback turtles resemble species that inhabited Earth in the distant past. A swimming and diving machine, they are uniquely adapted for life at sea. This […]

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