The Bird that Sings the Mountains

Beautiful stuff…

Kingfisher Journey- Marina Richie

Of all birds, the white-crowned sparrow sings the high peaks into their perpetual place of beauty, sings the alpine wildflowers to blossom, sings the alpenglow, and sings the dawn as I nestle deeper into my sleeping bag. Right now, dozens upon dozens of migrating sparrows carry all that I love of the high country  into our backyard in the pines of Bend, Oregon, with every whistling, tumbling, trilling phrase.


I listen to their serenades that sound a little like “Oh how I love THEE!” or  “Come SEE me…!” There’s something in the melody that tugs at my heartstrings. For the biologists who’ve studied their songs, we know that it is the male who sings and the female rarely, and that across the far north of our continent there are different subspecies singing variations, yet always recognizable at their core.

31720991-1280px White-Crowned Sparrow Range (From Cornell Lab of Ornithology) Where have you seen…

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