This 2011 video is called Primates- What is a Primate? From the German Primate Center: Primates in peril June 17, 2018 Primates are fascinating. They are intelligent, live in complex societies and are a vital part of the ecosystem. Lemurs, lorises, galagos, tarsiers, monkeys and apes are our closest biological relatives and just like them, […]

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Kakum National Park, Ghana, has elephants…

Kakum National Park is a small rainforest in Ghana’s Central region. Although they are not particularly easy to find, it’s known to contain elephants, monkeys, antelope, and supposedly even leopards. I haven’t yet seen many wild animals since I’ve been in Ghana, so on day two of my trip to Cape Coast, I decided to […]

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Hey people☺ Today i am going to share about top 5 wild animals in India. The Bengal Tiger is the second largest species of wild cat after the siberian Tiger and also the national animals of India. Pantera tigris listed as endangered mammal and there are 3890 individual tigers life in the world forest of […]

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African Parks takes on the Chinko Project in the Central African Republic

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African Parks has taken on the management of the Chinko Project in the Central African Republic (CAR). The Chinko Project, through a public private partnership with the Central African Republic Ministry of Forestry, the Environment and Tourism, has a mandate to manage this important protected…

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