A day in Pilanesberg— de Wets Wild

Mankwe Dam, a large man-made impoundment that holds water throughout the year and that’s a veritable magnet for wildlife, is located in the heart of the Pilanesberg National Park. On its banks you’ll find the Mankwe Hide, very popular with photographers and recently rebuilt after being destroyed in a veld fire. That is where we […]

A day in Pilanesberg: Hour 4 — de Wets Wild

For such an arid area – average rainfall measures around 200mm per annum – the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is home to an astonishing variety of wildlife. Apart from a wide variety of desert-adapted plants and invertebrates, the Park’s lists boast 62 kinds of mammals, 274 species of bird (of which 78 are resident throughout the […]

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Katokye Gate of Ishasha, South Africa- Wildlife

Living close or inside the national park is an exciting idea because of the many possibilities, challenges and opportunity it might offer to you depending on what you will be doing there. Its, been 18 months living in Ishasha Area of QENP just 5minutes away from the katokye gate of Ishasha. The love of nature […]

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Porcupine Outwits a Pride of Lions…

This video from Kruger National Park South Africa says about itself: 10 April 2018 If I told you 7 male lions were after prey, you’d think that the prey is long gone… This porcupine definitely has luck and experience on its side to be able to teach 7 male lions a lesson! Hennie Bekker (36), […]

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Re-Discover Zimbabwe…

Tourism in Zimbabwe is on the rise! While from afar her plight doesn’t paint a somewhat picturesque image, the reality is very different and most would insist it’s hands down one of the safest, friendliest and most spectacular countries in Africa. From the tumbling waters of Victoria Falls to the busy cities of Bulawayo and […]

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A day on the Serengeti…

I had awakened early today with the anticipation of viewing sunrise as there is nothing more magical than sitting out on the Serengeti Plain with all the sounds of nature around you and nothing else, while the horizon to the east begins its transition from a soft glow to the brightness of the new day. […]

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More Baboon Action- on the Serengeti…

A glorious sunrise heralded the start of our full day in the Serengeti and we were eager to be off as early as possible. Maybe it was this haste to be off, or perhaps our relief at surviving the night despite the visiting hyenas, that made us forgetful of the golden rule of safari that […]

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In some parts of the world, the seasons do not change. In the African savannah it is always hot. Savannahs are covered with tall grasses. The grass is very tall. It is taller than a man! It is yellow and brown because of the hot sun! There are some trees but they are not many! […]

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