This video says about itself: Closeup On Eggs In Savannah As Hatch Watch Begins – April 12, 2018 At day 35 of incubation, the Savannah Osprey pair‘s first egg could begin hatching at any point in the next week. The incubation period for Ospreys ranges between 35 and 43 days, so keep a close watch […]

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Karoo Korhaan — de Wets Wild

Heterotetrax vigorsii As its name suggests, the Karoo Korhaan is a species that favours arid scrublands, preferring areas with a good ground cover and stony ground where its camouflage renders it very difficult to detect. It has also recently adapted to parts of the fynbos-biome as well the as planted croplands in that area. They […]

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Giraffe Saved From Metal Wire in Democratic Republic of the Congo…

This video says about itself: Watch a Harrowing Giraffe Rescue | National Geographic 5 February 2018 After a giraffe was discovered with metal wire dangerously wrapped around its neck in Mikembo Sanctuary, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a team of rescuers banded together to tranquillize and capture the large animal, and remove the wire.

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‘When You Go Down To The Woods Today You’re In For A Big Surprise’- Cambodia!

Cambodia doesn’t have a very good record when it comes to protecting it’s natural environment and the animals which rely upon it. There are pockets of activity around the country working hard to make sure something remains of Cambodia’s beautiful natural wonders. One of the best places, that remains relatively untouched (though it won’t be for […]

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Spending Time With Rescued Elephants…

So it is 2018 already huh? I have started the year off being ill and I mean ILL – flu, tonsillitis, fever the whole package. So I am sorry about the radio silence here and I hope anyone reading this is having better luck. Spending 3 weeks in Southeast Asia in December and spending Christmas […]

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Habitat Protection, Not Predator Killing Best Way Protect Endangered Species — Natural History Wanderings

Indiana University News Release Indiana University research shows preference for non-lethal protection of species BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Americans believe endangered species are best protected when their habitats are protected and not when animal predators are killed, according to new Indiana University research. With the exception of one case involving spiders and frogs, a scientific survey […]

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