Old Guv Legends-Breeding A Climate Change Denier…

Regardless of political inclinations, worry and action are two different things. Across the U.S., meaningful action in response to this harsh reality is scant. Research shows clearly that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere–now at an unprecedented 401.33 parts per million–is a direct result of the process of capitalist industrialization that has unfolded […]

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Snow Leopards & Climate Change…

An excellent podcast was released by America Adapts on January 8. It concerns the ways climate change is impacting snow leopard (Panthera uncia) conservation, and it is full of useful information. Hosted by Doug Parsons, America Adapts is a podcast about climate change adaptation. For this episode, Doug interviewed eight experts on snow leopard conservation […]

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Over 100 Corporate Giants Align with UN Climate Goals!

By Frédéric Simon | EURACTIV.com Apr 17, 2018 At EU level, a high-level group on sustainable finance issued its final recommendations earlier this year, calling on the 28-country bloc to stop pouring public money into polluting fossil fuels and focus spending on clean energies instead. [Jeff Kubina / Flickr] Languages: Deutsch Comments Print 18 L’Oreal and Electrolux today (17 April) joined the […]

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Sargassum Seaweed plaguing the Caribbean…

In “Les algues sargasses, cauchemar des Caraïbes,” David Himbert (Le Devoir) reports on the nightmarish situation that countries and territories in the Caribbean region are facing due to Sargassum seaweed. He reports that, due to this invasion, a severe crisis threatens the economy and the environment as much as the health of local populations. He […]

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Current fishery targets may become unachievable as the planet warms. A new study, led by Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML), has found that the proportion of large fish in the North Sea may decrease as climate change unfolds, by as much as 60% in some areas. The effects of warmer waters and ocean acidification may mean […]

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Penguin Sanctuary!

The discovery shows the remote area is a vital refuge for wildlife from climate change and overfishing and should be protected by a new reserve, say scientists. Huge “mega-colonies” of penguins have been discovered near the Antarctic peninsula, hosting more than 1.5 million birds. Researchers say it shows the area is a vital refuge from […]

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