California Birds Nesting Early-Climate Change…

ScienceDaily reports California birds nesting a week earlier than they did a century ago Earlier breeding allows birds to raise young at cooler temperatures, avoiding warming climes Many birds are adjusting their life styles to breed 5-12 days earlier to avoid warming that has occurred since the early 1900s, an ongoing survey of California birds […]

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Climate Change Effects on UK Birds!

The distribution, numbers and behaviour of birds in the UK are changing because of a changing climate according to a new report. Many rare breeding birds are at a high risk of extinction in the UK, based on projections of how climate will become less suitable for these species in the future; while warming temperatures have provided […]

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Climate Change Driving Refugees to Europe!

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Greens pushing the tired climate refugee myth is old news – but this time they inadvertently made the case for tighter border security. Climate change ‘will create world’s biggest refugee crisis’ Experts warn refugees could number tens of millions in the next decade, and call for a new legal framework […]

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Less Sunlight Could Affect the Earth’s Lakes…

From the RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE and the “sunlight is always the best disinfectant” department An increase in extreme rainfall makes it more difficult for UV light to kill pathogens Troy, N.Y. – Increasing organic runoff as a result of climate change may be reducing the penetration of pathogen-killing ultraviolet (UV) sunlight in inland lakes, rivers, and […]

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Communicating Environmental Issues in the UK!

Today and tomorrow there’s a conference for “environmental communicators” taking place, at Bristol Zoo. See the website or twitter tag. In a time of unprecedented social, economic and political change we urgently need proactive tools for successfully communicating environmental issues. Communicate goes straight to the interface and asks some difficult questions about current approaches as […]

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Arctic Fisheries Disappearing?

Why are Arctic fisheries under threat and about to disappear? Or, should we rather ask, why are so many arctic (marine) species under threat? The likelihood of Arctic fisheries disappearing increases when fishing is no longer possible and/or profitable. When the Arctic marine environment changes due to climate warming, a vast majority of Arctic marine […]

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