Cougars vs Trophy Hunters…

A recent blog post by Dr. Mark Elbroch of Panthera’s Puma Program brings up an important issue. As Dr. Elbroch states, there is an old and pervasive belief that large predators compete with human hunters for antlered deer and elk. This is one of the many factors that has led to the persecution of animals like […]

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Very Rare Wild Pig!

This video says about itself: The “World’s Ugliest Pig” Filmed In The Wild For The First Time 19 January 2018 With big tusks, a coarse grizzled coat, and massive fleshy protrusions on the sides of their faces, the Javan warty pig (Sus verrucosus) is probably deserving of the “world’s ugliest pig” title. But just because […]

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Wildlife Bad News…

One of only five white rhinos left in the world, mountain gorillas in the wild and threatened gray wolves are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world. A northern white female rhino named Najin, one of only five sub-species left on the planet, rubs against a tree at Ol Pejeta conservancy in […]

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This video from the USA says about itself: Chocolate Bunnies, Slave Labor, and Water Theft: The Horrible Nestlé Story 20 January 2018 Recently it was discovered that the Nestlé corporation had been abusing their water permits in California, essentially stealing millions of gallons of water to bottle and sell to consumers in one of the […]

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BANGKOK- Thai police have arrested a suspected kingpin of wildlife trafficking who were reportedly fueled much of Asia’s illegal trade for over a decade. Police say Boonchai Bach( BOON’-chai back ), a 40 -year-old Thai of Vietnamese descent, was arrested Friday in a northeastern border province in connection with the smuggling of 14 rhino horns […]

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Sierra Nevada, Tree Die-off…

To drive through parts of the Sierra Nevada these days is to witness a morbid reminder of California’s extreme drought: Vast landscapes of standing dead trees, a brown tide sweeping across the green landscape. It’s more than eerie; it’s a dangerously combustible situation, argues a new publication from Berkeley fire scientists. The problem […]