One of the most dangerous man-made creations and a deathtrap for many, plastic is destroying the global ecosystem and its inhabitants. This World Earth Day 2018, let’s take a look at how plastic affects our planet and what we can do, to stop its damaging effects.

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Invasive species are plants or animals that do not belong where humans have intentionally or accidentally brought them (8). These non-native species are introduced by breaching geographical barriers, released from captivity and through trade. Once introduced they threaten ecosystems and species by predation, competition for resources and niche displacement (3,6). Invasive species can be […]

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Karoo Thrush…

Turdus smithi The Karoo Thrush inhabits arid scrublands and grasslands, preferring the denser vegetation along drainage lines in these otherwise open areas. They’re also one of the most common garden birds all over their range, a fact that has aided an increase in both their range and population. Karoo Thrushes are usually seen singly or […]

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More bad air coming for India…

This piece explains how the Indian government has decided to increase the amount of coal power and reduce future nuclear stations. This decision completely overwhelms the decision of Western governments to try and reduce CO2 emissions. So much for coal becoming a stranded asset! via climate science April 23, 2018 at 01:30AM


African Experiences…

Cape Town, South Africa: April 2016 I’m crazy tired, but I don’t want to sleep. I want to stay up all night and listen to their breathing, chewing and playful games. I’m spending the night in a Boma. I have a bed overlooking an elephant house in the middle of the African bush, and I’m […]

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Quest for the Asiatic Lion…Wild Asses, Too!

During my first exploration with Exploring Nature, after the Quest for Asiatic Lion, in the forest of Gir, I went to in the desert of Little Rann of Cutch to chase wild ass. An account of that is given below…. The Indian wild ass (Equus hemionus khur, Endangered (IUCN 3.1)) also called the ghudkhur in […]

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Birds of Quebec!

This 2018 video from Canada is called Birds of Quebec: American Goldfinch and Evening Grosbeak. Related articles ‘It’s game over’: Last ‘Grey Ghost’ caribou herd is down to just three members, all female More than 50 groups urge Trudeau to stop pipeline reviews and overhaul NEB “My land is not for sale.” One First Nation’s […]

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