Quest for the Asiatic Lion…Wild Asses, Too!

During my first exploration with Exploring Nature, after the Quest for Asiatic Lion, in the forest of Gir, I went to in the desert of Little Rann of Cutch to chase wild ass. An account of that is given below…. The Indian wild ass (Equus hemionus khur, Endangered (IUCN 3.1)) also called the ghudkhur in […]

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At first I think it must be a mirage. They come, tons of them, literally, through the dusty, shimmering heat of the African afternoon, meandering towards the water hole. I have never seen so many elephants. They come, in family groups, from every direction across the parched Namibian landscape. Old battle scarred bulls, their huge […]

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Desert Lions!

This video says about itself: Lions attack Oryx – Natural World: Desert Lions – BBC Earth 8 February 2018 Two lioness sisters test out their hunting skills as they attack an Oryx together. Natural World – Desert Lions: In the mid-1980s, hundreds of lions suddenly disappeared from the Namib Desert. Now, equally mysteriously, they have […]

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