battle-for-elephants-sunset_64703_610x3432.jpg THOSE WISHING TO PROTEST TO THE NAMIBIAN DEPT OF TOURISM over the plan to sell off hunting licences for 1/3 of their desert bull population- numbering only 18, with a total male/female desert population of only 100, use any or all of the following email addresses:

info@namibiatourism.com.na, namibia@saol.com, info@namibia-tourism.ca, namibia@hbportfolio, ntbfrance@orange.fr, namibiatourism@airconsult.it, huhm@dps-china.com

The above list represents the Namibian Tourism offices around the world.

Namibia set to kill a third of remaining desert bull elephants

WRITE an email ASAP to the Namibian tourism office- info@namibiatourism.com.na
Protest this in no uncertain terms.

Wildlife News

http://wildlifenews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/namibia-desert-elephants.jpg There are growing fears that Namibia is about to sell off hunting rights to a third of the remaining adult bull desert elephants in the country. With an estimated population of just over 100 elephants and just 18 of those being adult males the loss of a third of the breeding males would be… http://wildlifenews.co.uk/2014/namibia-set-to-killed-a-third-of-remaining-desert-bull-elephants/

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