Environment emergency is choking out the world’s lakes, study finds — KRISHNA KUMAR SINGH

The environment emergency is causing a far reaching fall in oxygen levels in lakes across the world, choking out untamed life and undermining drinking water supplies. Falling degrees of oxygen in seas had effectively been distinguished, yet new examination shows that the decrease in lakes has been somewhere in the range of three and multiple […]

Environment emergency is choking out the world’s lakes, study finds — KRISHNA KUMAR SINGH

Tick population expected to surge, and they’re carrying more than Lyme disease: researchers  — Natural History Wanderings

KRON4 reports Lyme disease is transmitted through tick bites, but researchers and educators warn that it’s not the only disease carried by the parasitic arachnids. This year, the tick population is expected to surge due to a mild winter and early spring as well as abundant rainfall. Also, people who have been getting outdoors because […]

Tick population expected to surge, and they’re carrying more than Lyme disease: researchers  — Natural History Wanderings

Shorebirds Face Major Extinction Threat!

The New York Times has an article on the extinction threats to shorebirds by John W. Fitzpatrick is the director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and Nathan R. Senner is a researcher at the University of Montana. A worldwide catastrophe is underway among an extraordinary group of birds — the marathon migrants we know […]

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Over 100 Corporate Giants Align with UN Climate Goals!

By Frédéric Simon | EURACTIV.com Apr 17, 2018 At EU level, a high-level group on sustainable finance issued its final recommendations earlier this year, calling on the 28-country bloc to stop pouring public money into polluting fossil fuels and focus spending on clean energies instead. [Jeff Kubina / Flickr] Languages: Deutsch Comments Print 18 L’Oreal and Electrolux today (17 April) joined the […]

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David McFadden (AP) writes about the how the accumulation of smelly sargassum seaweed is ruining the tourists’ expectations. He writes that “the picture-perfect beaches and turquoise waters that people expect on their visits to the Caribbean are increasingly being fouled by mats of decaying seaweed that attract biting sand fleas and smell like rotten eggs.” […]

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We joined Project BLUE in the 2018 Dive Against Debris reef cleanup activity.

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Facing criticism for recent policy reversals which have resulted, for example, in falling investment in clean energy in the U.K. in 2016 and 2017 , the government has recently attempted a re-set with its policy document: A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment , released on January 11. “Conservatives’ 25-year green […]

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Natural Disasters and Endangered Species!

The New York Times reported on the impact of natural disasters including Fires and Hurricanes on endangered species When a wildfire swept through Arizona, all but 35 rare red squirrels disappeared. After California’s fires and Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma, so did other near-extinct animals. Read story at For an Endangered Animal, a Fire or […]

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