Feds Move to Strip Lynx of Endangered Species Act Protections

A poor idea, indeed!

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Feds Move to Strip Lynx of Endangered Species Act Protections

MISSOULA, Mont. — Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced its intent to begin the process to remove Endangered Species Act protections for imperiled Canada lynx in the contiguous U.S. This move by one of the most anti-wildlife, anti-science, climate-denying administrations in American history shows a vicious indifference toward this iconic North American big cat’s continued existence in the lower 48 states. Stripping protections would be extremely risky for the survival of Canada lynx in the contiguous U.S. in the face of ongoing and emerging threats. Scientists estimate the lynx population across the lower 48 states at a perilously low 2,000 individuals.

The species and its habitat are threatened by climate change, logging, development, motorized access and trapping, which disturb and fragment the snow cat’s habitat. Canada lynx rely heavily on snowshoe hare, and like…

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