Canada’s Caribou!

Woodland Caribou

There are over 2 million Caribou in Canada, some subspecies are quite threatened by oil drilling, habitat loss, human incursion… There are several species including WOODLAND, the largest of the species inhabiting boreal and northern forests in British Columbia, Yukon, Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador; PEARY, inhabit the northern Arctic islands; BARREN GROUND,  found in large migrating herds in Yukon, Northwest Territories, Northern Quebec and Labrador.

The Caribou has traditionally been the image on the back of the Canadian quarter (25 cent piece) and still is!

Drilling for Oil in the Arctic: The Loss of the Sacred Wild — Greening Spirit

“Humans are not the sole inhabitants of God’s Earth and indeed there are numerous places where wild paw prints in the dirt vastly outnumber our own.” – Tom Martinez In December of 2017, Congress opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR, to oil and gas drilling as part of the tax overhaul. With 45 species […]

via Drilling for Oil in the Arctic: The Loss of the Sacred Wild — Greening Spirit


This is the saddest statistic I have encountered yet in the wildlife world. Two important Yukon/Northwest Territories Canadian Caribou herds population numbers are plumeting to very dangerous levels , the ‘Bathurst’ herd is estimated to be at 15,000 animals, a drop from 460,000 in the mid-1980’s. The ‘Bluenose-East herd has dropped to around 30,000 animals, previously in the hundreds of thousands…

Is this the oil industry,  global warming, over hunting, what is responsible for this decline? Where will this all end?