South Africa’s Addo National Park is home to a number of endangered species, such as black rhino and Cape buffalo. The largest of its animal populations is a breed of female bull elephant that have no tusks but have evolved quickly during the 20th Century. According to The New York Times, 90 to 95 percent […]

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In Africa, the big five game animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros (both black and white species), elephant, and Cape buffalo. The term “big five game” (usually capitalized or quoted as “Big Five”) was coined by big-game hunters and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. Subsequently the term […]

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Easter Expedition in Africa’s wilds…

We’re fresh back from our Easter break around Skukuza and Mopani in the Kruger National Park, and of course well be sharing lots and lots more photos from this beautiful place with you soon! (as well as replying to all the comments you left us over the last few days).

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African Travels…

No trip to the African continent would be complete without animals, and animals we have seen. At our stop in Port Elizabeth, SA we took a tour to Addo Elephant Park. It sure lived up to its name! Our guide’s name is Xolani and he is Xhosa. They use clicks in their language- the X […]

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Lions Chase Buffalo Into Tourist’s Car…

This video from South Africa says about itself: Lions Chase Buffaloes Into Tourists’ Car 14 May 2016 Scary video showing a group of tourists being at the wrong place at the wrong time as 2 male lions take their chance at buffaloes, chasing the herd right into a spectating vehicle. Thank goodness the people in […]

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Buffalo Saves Baby Elephant From Lion…

This video from Kruger National Park in South Africa says about itself: Buffaloes Rescue Baby Elephant from Lions This is the brave moment a herd of buffaloes runs in to save a helpless elephant calf that is being defeated by a pride of hungry lions! Hospitality expert Jill Mathews captured the unpredictable turn of events […]

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In South Africa: Addo Elephant National Park, Kruger National Park, and Balule Private Reserve. In Botswana: Chobe National Park. All absolutely amazing! In Addo, an hour from Port Elizabeth on the east coast, our first encounter with an elephant was awe inspiring. Our driver, Peter, followed the lone elephant to the watering hole. We watched […]

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