Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher…

Bright and Beautiful, with a lovely red beak for killing, the oriental dwarf kingfisher (Ceyx erithaca) is a pocket-sized predator. Found all over Southeast Asia where the rainforests are dense and shady, this 13cm-long creature hunts by small streams and ponds to maintain its rich diet of geckos, crabs, snails, frogs, and spiders. It captures […]

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The thing about pursuing birds is that it takes you places you would otherwise not go. For example, a green patch in a random city park that I would otherwise never explore or a continent on the other side of the world. I’m not quite sure if I would’ve ever had the gumption or inspiration […]

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Identifying Birds…

I was in the dog park a few months ago with our little shit Darwin. He bolts around like a lightning bolt and tears up the turf underneath his toes when he chases a tennis ball. Or the other dogs. Or a squirrel. Pretty much anything. From above I heard a screech. I craned my […]

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dentifying Birds!


Audubon has a bird guide that is available both on-line or with an app. It includes in-depth profiles, range maps, photo galleries, and bird calls, you can discover lesser-known species or learn something new about one of your already beloved birds. Check out the Bird Guide online or download the Audubon Bird Guide app today.

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The BIRDER of the YEAR!

The New York Times has an interview with Noah Strycker, who holds the big year record for most bird species seen in one year. Read the interview in which he discusses his favorite birding locations, best spots to observe bird migration and best place to spot several species at once at Big Birder: Noah Strycker on Where to […]

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