Resting Tiger…..calm is a superpower! — Nature And Photography

For decades, the Tiger population was on a sharp decline because of hunting, poaching, climatic conditions, and pollution.According to the studies, it was one of the most endangered species in the world close to extinction.But after years of effort, there is an increase in the Tiger population with proper maintenance of natural habitats.

Resting Tiger…..calm is a superpower! — Nature And Photography

Rainforest destruction threatens Sumatran Tiger. — OLD GUV LEGENDS

A Sumatran tiger. New analysis has found that rainforest destruction caused by rampant palm oil plantations damage threatens more than 190 threatened species, including orangutans and tigers like the sumatran tiger. Image Credit: Photograph by Bernard Spragg/IUC Source: The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

Rainforest destruction threatens Sumatran Tiger. — OLD GUV LEGENDS

Thai Elephants…

If you are ever in Chiang Mai and only do one thing, visiting an ethical elephant sanctuary is that one thing! Do your research, Thailand has very lax laws concerning animal rights and attractions. It’s sad to say that the majority are abusive and to be honest just terrible. From big cats being sedated for […]

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Young Cheetahs Learn To Hunt!

This video says about itself: Young Cheetah narrowly escapes injury chasing prey – Cheetahs Fast Track To Freedom – BBC Earth 31 January 2018 Watch these young Cheetahs chase Zebra as they learn to hunt but have they bitten off more than they can chew?

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Originally posted on A Guy Called Bloke: The Truly Inspired Series Trinity Alps: A shot of some of the mountains in Northern California, where I currently live. 1] Blog Name The Jaguar and its Allies 2] Genre Creative nonfiction. Initially everything I posted had to do with big cat conservation or human psychology, and how…

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