Hyena’s At Night!

Natural world category, winner: Image Credit: Photograph by Will Burrard-Lucas ‘To show hyenas in their element, I wanted to photograph them at night,’ Burrard-Lucas says. ‘The stars in Africa are so beautiful that I also wanted to include them in my image. I used a remote-control “BeetleCam” to position my camera on the ground so […]

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Poisonous Geese and Territorial Hippos on the Chobe River — Uncover.Travel

It is a stormy day on the Chobe River as we head out in the tenders in search of African wildlife. While birds are sheltering from the rain the hippos are loving the wet weather. We spot a male hippo grazing on the banks of the river. When he sees us coming closer he trots towards the water […]

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Listening to Silence — Impala’s grazing!

A herd of impala browses on low scrub next to my vehicle. Every now and then one glances up, and her huge obsidian eyes reflect the setting sun. The dominant male, a studly impala ram who has won his harem from other males, snorts twice with a spitting sound phaah, phaah. He chases first one […]

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Cheetahs being forced into near extinction in all of their African domains…


Collection of hides, shooting to clear farmland, killing by lions (themselves under siege), habitat destruction and just poor wildlife management by countries little able to manage themselves are all adding to the pressure on the world’s  remaining 7000 or so cheetahs in the wild. Certain subspecies have all but vanished already.

Cheetahs have joined a long list of at risk species in Africa, such as elephants, rhinoceros, lions, giraffe and a host of other unique animals only found on the African continent.