Step Up To Save Elephants From Poachers…

© Mark Drury Photography (@markjdrury) Vancouver, BC, March 14, 2018 – The poaching of elephants has reached unprecedented levels, threatening their very survival. In the face of this crisis, Elephanatics, a Vancouver elephant advocacy non-profit group, claims Canada is not supporting the worldwide initiative to save both African and Asian elephants. At the last meeting of the […]

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The giraffe is the tallest animal to walk on Earth in modern times – its height is on average 5 meters, the neck alone can reach 2 meters! A very funny fact is that a giraffe has fewer bones in its neck than a tiny sparrow!!! You would think that it is just the opposite […]


Tortoise Survives a Herd of Elephants…

This video from South Africa says about itself: World’s Luckiest Tortoise Survives Elephant Stampede! 6 March 2018 Saved by the bell, or in the animal kingdom, it is more like saved by your shell. Watch the dramatic moment a tortoise finds himself between the feet of a thirsty herd of elephants that is on its […]

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Most Dangerous Animal in Africa…

The Hippopotamus! The most dangerous animal in Africa, in fact the whole world, is the hippopotamus. This may come as a surprise because they are kind of cute and chubby and they seem to just bob around in the water. Also, they are vegetarians and it is a commonly held belief that vegetarians are gentle […]

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Mind Boggling Variety of Animals Seen in Tanzania!

During my visit to Tanzania, I witnessed a mind-boggling variety of animals. It was overwhelming yet unbelievably amazing. I learned about so many different animals, so I decided to list the ones I saw here. Keep in mind, if you go to Tanzania, you could have a very different experience with different animals. That’s what […]

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Hyena’s At Night!

Natural world category, winner: Image Credit: Photograph by Will Burrard-Lucas ‘To show hyenas in their element, I wanted to photograph them at night,’ Burrard-Lucas says. ‘The stars in Africa are so beautiful that I also wanted to include them in my image. I used a remote-control “BeetleCam” to position my camera on the ground so […]

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