Faceplant, Namibia — KRISHNA KUMAR SINGH

‘This elephant calf in Namibia was delayed to see when his mom began to move away. At the point when he attempted to rush and make up for lost time, he stumbled over his front feet and faceplanted. His mom heard the uproar and promptly returned to help him up, and the calf proceeded on […]

Faceplant, Namibia — KRISHNA KUMAR SINGH

Rare Baboon Action-must see!

Photographer Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth were on a game drive in the northern Botswana’s Selinda Camp when they came across a big troop of baboons charging through the bush. “30-40 baboons were heading in our general direction making a lot of noise,” Lisa recalls. The baboons were obviously frightened by something and they all […]

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Day 5 in Botswana – August 14, 2017 — Visual-Haiku Photographyexciting trip

Today, we ventured from the camp atKhwai River, Okavango Delta. The Khwai Tented Camp is located on a community-run concession on the eastern border of the Moremi Game reserve, on the banks of a lagoon flowing into the Khwai river, which acts as a boundary between the reserve and the community area. Besides the day-time drives which can feature […]

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Step Up To Save Elephants From Poachers…

© Mark Drury Photography (@markjdrury) Vancouver, BC, March 14, 2018 – The poaching of elephants has reached unprecedented levels, threatening their very survival. In the face of this crisis, Elephanatics, a Vancouver elephant advocacy non-profit group, claims Canada is not supporting the worldwide initiative to save both African and Asian elephants. At the last meeting of the […]

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Tortoise Survives a Herd of Elephants…

This video from South Africa says about itself: World’s Luckiest Tortoise Survives Elephant Stampede! 6 March 2018 Saved by the bell, or in the animal kingdom, it is more like saved by your shell. Watch the dramatic moment a tortoise finds himself between the feet of a thirsty herd of elephants that is on its […]

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Most Dangerous Animal in Africa…

The Hippopotamus! The most dangerous animal in Africa, in fact the whole world, is the hippopotamus. This may come as a surprise because they are kind of cute and chubby and they seem to just bob around in the water. Also, they are vegetarians and it is a commonly held belief that vegetarians are gentle […]

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Mind Boggling Variety of Animals Seen in Tanzania!

During my visit to Tanzania, I witnessed a mind-boggling variety of animals. It was overwhelming yet unbelievably amazing. I learned about so many different animals, so I decided to list the ones I saw here. Keep in mind, if you go to Tanzania, you could have a very different experience with different animals. That’s what […]

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