Re-Discover Zimbabwe…

Tourism in Zimbabwe is on the rise! While from afar her plight doesn’t paint a somewhat picturesque image, the reality is very different and most would insist it’s hands down one of the safest, friendliest and most spectacular countries in Africa. From the tumbling waters of Victoria Falls to the busy cities of Bulawayo and […]

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Over 8% decline in Elephant numbers per year…

There has been an astounding 30% decline in the number of elephants over a seven year period (from 2007 to 2014), a decline by over 8% each year. There is the horribly sad and concerning fact that rhinos and elephants are amongst other endangered species. How can our race have the audacity to take the lives of those without a voice?

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Young Leopard Falls From Tree!

This video says about itself: 21 January 2018 Clumsy Leopard Cub Fails at Tree Climbing and walks away embarrassed …. Leopard mom watches her cub trying to climb in a small tree (called the Magic Gwarri Tree/ Qwarri Bush) when the incident happened 🙂 One can clearly see the embarrassment of the cub as he […]

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Number of the Day: 20,400 (white rhinos remaining in the world)

Stop the killing, NOW!

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September 22 is #WorldRhinoDay.


I was following the hashtag “#Iam4Rhinos” this morning and I saw that WWF tweeted that 20,400 is the approximate number of white rhino remaining in the world. IN THE WORLD.

WWF tweet

The white rhino species is in peril. Since 2012,  1 to 2 rhinos have been killed by poachers per day. This is unsustainable. If the poaching remains the same or becomes even more aggressive, then I may very well see the extinction of white rhinos in my lifetime.

Why are white rhinos so threatened? There are two main reasons. One is the rhino horn itself — It’s used in medicine, or made into jewelry or other products. Rhino horn’s supposed healing properties have never been proven. There is simply no reason to continue to poach rhinos for their “medicinal” properties. Moreover, even if rhino horn is an aphrodisiac, there are existing alternatives which makes…

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