Amadina fasciata The Cut-throat Finch is a common, though inconspicuous, inhabitant of Africa’s savannas and open woodlands, occurring in a band through the Sahel from Senegal to Ethiopia and thence southwards to South Africa, where they are to be found in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Gauteng and parts of the North West Province. Given its wide distribution […]

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The latest issue of BioNews, number 35, is now available. In case you haven’t noticed, we always strive to keep aware of what’s going on in Caribbean environmental issues. [Of course, Lisa is a specialist in the area, having served as director of the Environmental Studies program at Vassar College.] For me, as a non-specialist, it […]

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Loop-Caribbean News shares descriptions and photos of five iconic waterfalls of the Caribbean, focusing on Dunns River Falls (Jamaica, shown above), Diamond Falls (St. Lucia), Charcos Falls (Dominican Republic), El Nicho Falls (Cuba), and Kaieteur Falls (Guyana). The Caribbean’s forests are filled with beautiful animals and flowering plants. Hidden among these spectacular sites are breathtaking waterfalls […]

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Message from Equine Advocates Take Action: Our Wild Horses and Burros Need Your Help The Bureau of Land Management is still working to get Congressional approval for its “Path Forward” plan. We at Equine Advocates (and Wild Horse Freedom Federation) strongly oppose this plan, as it is more of a path “backward” for our nation’s […]

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THE BADGER-TWO MEDICINE AREAToo Sacred To Drill Victory: Court rules these lands too sacred to drill For more than 10,000 years, the Badger-Two Medicine area has provided strength, subsistence, and cultural identity for members of the Blackfeet Nation. This week, a federal court rejected the last remaining oil and gas drilling lease in Montana’s Badger-Two Medicine […]

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