Wild Burrows at risk, too!

As a charter member of The Alliance to Save Wild Horses & Burros, Wild Horse Freedom Federation joins The Cloud Foundation and In Defense of Animals in highlighting the understated danger that Wild Burros face from both Federal and State agencies hell-bent on exterminating the Burro from it’s rightful range.

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European Mistle Thrush!

The Weather Network reports a rare bird spotted, could be first time ever in North America The European mistle thrush is a bird species commonly seen across Europe and Iceland. There has never been a recorded sighting in North America — until now. Read story at Rare bird spotted, could be first time ever in North […]

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Jaguar Conservation in Belize!

This post continues the retelling of my recent trip to Belize: participating in an archaeology field school and learning about jaguar conservation. The rest of this series is located in the Travel category of this blog. June 8, 2017 was a remarkable day. Once again, I worked at Structure 130. This turned out to be […]

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Dear Kitty’s Blog- Swans on the Ice!

This 12 December 2017 video shows a mute swan family, parents and youngsters, trying to break the ice in a pond in Hardenberg town in the Netherlands. Jan Kuipers made this video. Related articles Snow goose, rare in the Netherlands New crab species in the Netherlands Voorne island wildlife videos Oldest oystercatcher ever in the […]

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Florida Sewage Dumped into Ocean…

== Leak from massive Miami ocean sewage pipe left unfixed for a year | Miami Herald UPDATED JULY 31, 2017 11:00 PM A massive ocean outfall pipe intended to dump partially treated human waste in deep water far from Miami has instead been leaking in shallow water within a mile of tony Fisher […]

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