Center for Biological Diversity News Release Court Order Forces Trump Administration to Pull Sage-Grouse Habitat From Nevada Oil Auction ELY, Nevada― The Bureau of Land Management has pulled 332,247 acres from a Nov. 12 oil and gas lease auction in western Nevada in response to a court order blocking Trump administration plans that gutted protections […]

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by Elise Rich as published on A herd of wild horses has been roaming the Ozark hills for nearly 100 years It’s believed the ancestors of the Shannon County wild horses go back to the Great Depression era, with farmers releasing their horses in search of better jobs. In 1991 the National Park Service […]

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Danaus chrysippus orientis The African Monarch is one of our most commonly seen butterflies, flying throughout the year and occurring in every corner of our country. Furthermore they’re widespread over the rest of Africa, the Indian Ocean islands, large tracts of Asia and Australia, where they are known as the “Plain Tiger”. These butterflies prefer […]

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