Photograph by Carsten Peter Cascades of mammoth ferns flourish in the humid air trapped between the narrow walls of Claustral Canyon. First explored in 1963, the formation was named for its claustrophobia-inducing passages and ranks among the region’s most visited canyons. via Buzzfeed Australia.

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A female wolverine carries her cub at Whipsnade Zoo. Two wolverines were born last month at the zoo following a breeding first for the international conservation charity ZSL. Numbers in the wild are decreasing, so the breeding programme is of global significance.


There are approximately 330 species of hummingbirds in the world, they’re found only in the Americas. One of the most remarkable birds on this planet, they are in the Trochilidae family. Some hummingbirds migrate, some do not. In northern California, my home, we have one resident species, the Anna’s Hummingbird, who stays all […]

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Source: Buffalo Field Campaign In the last two years the Interagency Bison Management plan (IBMP) has killed almost 1,200 bison in 2018 and 1,300 in 2017 Yellowstone National Park continues to capture wild buffalo inside their Stephens Creek buffalo trap, located in the Gardiner Basin. As of this writing, approximately 160 of the country’s last […]

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