Ocean Victories and a Thank You — Sheila Hurst

These days we need to do everything we can to protect and restore the ocean. One of the reasons I love nonprofit groups like Oceana and the Ocean Conservancy is that they work with politicians, lawyers, and businesses from all over the world to create real environmental change. So for some good news, here are a few […]

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Where Do Walrus Hangout? — Natural History Wanderings

NPR reported about developing a database on showing where walruses are found. It is quite interesting to read about all the sources they used to compile the database. For the first time, scientists have built a single database showing where Pacific walruses have gathered for the past 160 years, including sites along both the Russian […]

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Can’t Tusk This — elephantopia

Did you know that every 15 minutes an elephant is killed by poachers for it’s ivory tusks? That’s nearly 100 elephants a day! With only 400,000 elephants left in Africa, there is a real possibility that elephants will go extinct in our lifetime if nothing is done to save them!Elephantopia is a volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit with goals to Save Elephants and Build…

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The New York Times has an article with seven simple guidelines for reducing carbon emissions that you can do to help decrease the impact of climate change at What You Can Do About Climate Change – The New York Times

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AFRICAN PARK RANGERS ARE REQUESTING THE GOVERNMENT OF HONG KONG TO BAN THE SALE OF IVORY, a decision to ban by this government is expected to be made in 2017. The Ranger petition is against compensating the ivory hoarders by the HK government  fearing it will prompt a ‘run’ on ivory at the expense of the remaining elephant populations.

The Mainland China government is expected to ban local sales this year , too.

Both these important government decisions will go a long way to ease hunting pressure on the dwindling elephant populations in Africa and Asia.

China is the main market for raw ivory, subsequently made into trinkets and souvenir trash for the larger world markets…


Climate Destabilization Causing Thousands of New Species Migrations — Natural History Wanderings

Environ News reports on how climate destabilization is causing thousands of species plants, animals, insects, and birds to change migration patterns A spate of new research studies has confirmed a disturbing pattern: climate disruption is confusing migratory birds, causing trees to relocate and allowing tropical diseases to spread northward. “Human society has yet to appreciate the […]

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