It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one month since Elephantopia led the photo safari to Zambia – although, it’s taken nearly this long to just do a preliminary sort-through the *thousands* of pictures taken of our projects and our safari. Below I’d like to share a synopsis from my personal diary of our…

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Ian Harmer is known as the tour guide to hear in Africa. He’s passionate, opinionated, well spoken, and has unmatched knowledge and ties to the local communities. He grew up in Zimbabwe and worked a handful of jobs from basic service work to managing a restaurant. He always knew he wanted to live in the […]

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Equus zebra hartmannae With stallions weighing around 300kg and standing 1.5m high at the shoulder, the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra is slightly larger than its close relative, the Cape Mountain Zebra. They share a similar liking for arid, broken terrain, though Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra will also exploit sandy plains adjacent to their preferred rocky, hilly abodes. […]

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Great African Migrations…

Masai Mara Ecosystem has been classified among the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ due to the spectacular great migration when over 1 million wildebeest and more than hundred thousand zebra cross the Mara River coming from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara in search of water and greener pastures. The Mara is known for its […]

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