Having had time in the previous evening to analyze my attempt to find wolves in northwestern Colorado I was nonetheless not sure what plans I should make for this day. I could repeat my search in the same area. Or I could go north, south, east or west. It was very possible that I was […]

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From Aspen Journalism (Elizabeth Stewart-Severy): Since Colorado’s last wild wolves were killed in the 1930s, a few lone animals have been spotted in the state. So, when a pack was spotted in northwest Colorado — several months before Colorado voters decide whether they’ll support a bill to reintroduce gray wolves to the state — it […]

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DENVER – Wolves have been spotted for the second time in a year in northern Colorado. The wolves’ presence suggests that a pack of gray wolves might now live in the state, Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced Wednesday. Their appearance comes just days after a ballot question about reintroducing gray wolves to Colorado was approved for the November ballot. CPW received an eyewitness report of six wolves traveling together in far northwestern Colorado in October. And last week, an elk carcass was […]

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The Guardian reports on how the successful rewilding of wolves helped correct the Yellowstone ecosystem Twenty-five years ago this month, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone, America’s first national park and an ecosystem dangerously out of whack owing to the extirpation of its top predator. Read article at A rewilding triumph: wolves help to reverse Yellowstone […]

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From The Rocky Mountain Collegian (Serena Bettis): Most loud sounds heard around Fort Collins late at night are typically from partying college kids or trains — not wild animals. This is not the case for Coloradans living in Moffat County, where Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials confirmed a wolf pack sighting Jan. 19, according to […]

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