As some national parks begin to open, they too must grapple with social distancing. Encompassing tens of millions of acres of snow-peaked mountains, jagged coastlines and geological marvels, the National Park System is facing the quandary of how to keep visitors at more than arm’s length from each other as the summer months approach. Read […]

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KRCR reports After closing amid the coronavirus pandemic, the National Park Service is testing public access at several parks across the nation, including two in Utah, with limited offerings and services. Visitor centers and campgrounds remain largely shuttered at Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef, but visitors are welcome at some of the sites. Read moreNational parks […]

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Illegal logging poised to wipe Cambodian wildlife sanctuary off the map – Illegal logging poised to wipe Cambodian wildlife sanctuary off the map Beng Per Wildlife Sanctuary has lost more than 60 percent of its forest cover since it was established in 1993, with most of the loss occurring since 2010. Superforest via […]

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Death Valley National Park Post Death Valley NP is applying for a grant from California’s Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation program to restore damage done by illegal off-road driving in the park and to prevent future damage. Please help us out by commenting on the grant application. Thanks! Then drop-down “Grants”, then “Online Grant Applications,” then […]

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Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve SNR reports Wildflower update March 4, 2020. There are many poppies and other wildflowers in bloom now. The warm weather has made the poppies bloom at a record pace. Fiddlenecks, slender keel fruits, red maids and forget-me-nots are also blooming several places on the reserve. Check the live poppy camera:

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Stony Creek Ravine Nature Park has always been amazing. Its original 60 acres feature open meadows full of wildflowers and butterflies and a shady woods plunging down into a deep ravine with the West Branch of Stony Creek sparkling below. Now, thanks to our township Land Preservation millage, a willing owner and a grant from […]

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