Blood Ivory!

Blood Ivory is a story from Simon Ashcroft’s past when he was a counter-terrorism intelligence officer with the Australian Secret Intelligence Services (ASIS). He’s on a mission in northern Tanzania hunting the financiers of a South East Asian terrorist organisation. Investigations lead him to the some of the richest wildlife reserves found anywhere on the […]

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Rhino Preservation Plan in Assam!

The following has been copied from the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo Blog. The Zoo is dedicated to preserving species, educating the public and protecting the environent that embraces all of us on the planet. For further information do yourself a favor and take a look at the Zoo website. Care * Inspire * Empower Posted […]

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The elephants are back in Chad…

This is hopeful news out of Chad. Now, Chad is a rare safe haven for Elephants. Thank you for making these courageous decisions to protect such a amazing creature. “If everyone’s stomachs are up to it, we can go see the elephants,” said Rian Labuschagne, his voice crackling through my aviation headset.Receiving the thumbs-up from […]

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Elephant Tusks and Elephant Populations in India…

1. Elephant Tusks are government property Key Pointers: The Supreme Court has ruled that tusks are the property of the government. The Supreme Court observed that there is a clear “declaration” in the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972 on elephant tusks being government property. The ruling, however, may not affect individuals who have ownership certificates […]

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The Wild Cats, and how they are faring…

A quick look at the cats, other than lions, that we saw last month. There were sightings of Leopard, Cheetah, and Serval in addition to the ubiquitous lion – see previous posts. Leopards are always a bit iffy and when they are seen they are to be appreciated. Sometimes, rarely, they are cooperative and simply loll […]

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Tiger Re-introduction in India!

I am thrilled to be able to bring you this Q&A with Dr. Kalli Doubleday. Dr. Doubleday is a geographer who recently earned her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Her dissertation focused on the social dynamics surrounding tiger reintroductions in Sariska Tiger Reserve: a well-known protected area in the Indian state of […]

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Lions on the Masai Mara…

In the middle of February, I was fortunate enough to spend eight days in the Masai Mara on a photographic safari guided by Lou Coetzer, the owner of CNP Safaris. The eight days yielded some fantastic wildlife photographic opportunities in the North Mara. February is outside the wildebeest migration season in this part of the […]

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