I think that wolverines are intriguing animals that are worth studying. They are the largest member of the weasel family, but they’re so big and have such long and thick fur that they look more liked a small bear than a weasel. Though the animals have a wide range in British Columbia, they aren’t common […]

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Education for Nature Vietnam have launched a new appeal to raise funds for their pangolin program according to their communications director Tom Edgar. It’s at: https://www.gofundme.com/protect-the-pangolin He says “As you will be aware, pangolins are currently on course to be the next dodo. But there’s still time to change the direction of travel through decisive action. […]

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Orangutan Mother Seriously Wounded in Air Gun Attack

As industrial organizations continue the drive to increase palm oil plantation production and paper making on the island of Sumatra, this Orangutan suffered serious injuries at the hands of an air-gun toting poacher. The mother Orangutan lost her new born baby as a result of this attack. She had 74 air pellets in her body when rescued by an animal shelter, blinded with six pellets in her eyes, many broken bones, including a broken collarbone.

This is all really sad stuff, not to mention the cruelty of it all, as pressures increase to de-wilderness the island putting at risk the remaining rare populations there of Asian elephants, tigers, rhinos and orangutans (and many others).

Environmental activists: Email, mail, call or text the national and local governments there, including the tourism associations involved with the area.

Some of the irony here is that western heart-related doctors recommend against the consumption of tropical oils (includes palm oil) as being detrimental to health. Maybe that message has not yet reached South East Asia. Palm oil is certainly proving harmful to the animal populations, previously mentioned here.

Lastly, these cruel efforts are reducing the world’s remaining  rain forests — the palm trees, unfortunately, don’t replicate the benefit of dense rain forests…

Haiti Libre reports that 69 Haitian illegal immigrants were arrested this month by the National Environmental Protection Service (SENPA) for cutting trees in Los Haitises National Park, a protected area in the Dominican Republic, to illegally produce coal for the Haitian market. 90 other Haitian nationals have been jailed in the last two months for […]

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Elephants are one of the most majestic creatures walking the Earth. Despite being around 3m (9 feet 107⁄64 inches) tall and African elephants weighing about 6000kg (13,227 pounds) on average, they are gentle giants, known for their intelligence, empathy and strong family bonds. Unfortunately, there are murderous assholes in the world that don’t respect life […]

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