Australian Police Seek Culprit For Hit-And-Run Killings Of Up To 20 Kangaroos –

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With just 3,900 wild tigers (Panthera tigris) left, a new analysis was released today by TRAFFIC highlighting persistent tiger trafficking as especially serious, over two per week have been seized since the turn of the century

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Rhino Horn Smugglers Get Jail Time. Turtle Guide To Help Law Enforcement Updated. 94000 School Children Call For Bears To Be Released To Sanctuary! Progress In Schools and Legislation. An informal progress report from Education For Nature Vietnam

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Kenyan Wildlife Service has arrested 5 people with Vietnamese passports for smuggling Ivory

The Kenyan Wildlife Service has arrested five men for smuggling finished ivory products. Since 2009, ten tons of raw and worked ivory has been illegally harvested from Kenyan sources.

In 2012, 384 Elephants and 19 Rhinos were lost to poachers, the previous year’s tally was 289 Elephants and 29 Rhinos. Four  Kenyan Game Rangers have been killed in this same period.

Policing this illegal trade has been difficult as sophisticated organized crime groups dominate this illicit trade, and this is a serious problem throughout Africa.

More aggressive policing on the ground with heavily-armed game wardens in the field, and the use of trained sniffer dogs at shipping points will hopefully help stem this serious trade.