Australia may be 8,000 miles away from the Pacific Northwest but the current fires happening there have international implications and impacts countless people, animals, and ecosystems. Smoke from these fires have even crossed oceans to nearby New Zealand and even Chile! These fires are a tragic reminder that climate change is a present danger to […]

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Vox reports The number of kangaroos, koalas, and others killed keeps skyrocketing. Here’s where the eye-popping estimate comes from.As fires continue to rip through Australia, some devastating numbers are emerging: At least 24 people killed. More than 15.6 million acres torched. Over 1,400 homes destroyed. And, according to one biodiversity expert’s count, an estimated 1 […]

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Australia Braces for “Blast Furnace” as Heat & Winds Fuel Wildfires JAN 03, 2020 Australia is bracing for what is expected to be the worst weekend yet in an already devastating climate-fueled wildfire season that has ravaged the southeastern part of the country, killed at least 18 people and nearly half a billion animals, and […]

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Australia’s Koala bears suffer huge casualties in raging wildfires…

Many hundreds, if not thousands, of Koala’s fall victim to the wildfires raging north of the City of Sidney, Australia. These populations are already considered endangered and are carefully watched and monitored wherever they are located.

The intense heat endured by that island continent this year has been devastating to human, plant and animal life in the large active fire areas.


Photo: Eric Vanderduys/Stop Adani [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr. The black-throated finch has been voted “bird of the year.” In Australia for 2019, helping draw attention to the species’ decline as human activities increasingly threaten its habitat. The finch’s victory was reportedly driven by support from conservationists, who connected its plight to deforestation and bushfires in Australia, […]

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NPR reports A large portion of Australia is on fire after weeks of extreme heat, strong winds and drought that have created ideal conditions for hundreds of bushfires to thrive across the country. Several fires have been burning since November, particularly in the eastern state of New South Wales. Read more ‘Catastrophic’ Wildfires Continue To Rage […]

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