In the mid-nineteenth century, whaling was the fifth largest industry in the United States. More than 700 ships sailed out of New England under the American flag, killing thousands of whales annually. The American whaling fleet in 1846 had three times as many ships as the rest of the world combined. New Bedford, Massachusetts was […]

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I almost called this page “Juneau What?” but decided against it. We met our tour group out near the Welcome to Juneau sign, I think. We were taking a bus to the whale watching boat, then going to Mendenhall Glacier. The whole process was uneventful so I have nothing interesting to say about it. We […]

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Vox reports Our oceans are filling with plastic, which in turn is filling up the bellies of the creatures in the sea.Recently, researchers examined seven beluga whales harvested by Inuvialuit hunters in Canada. This month they reported that they’d found microplastics in the digestive systems of every whale. Read article at Plastic pollution: The alarming trend […]

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