Japan to resume whaling in July 2019

The Japanese government decided to resume whaling in July of this year, reasoning that the world whale populations have stabilized.

In it’s peak whaling year, 1964, Japan slaughtered 24,000 whales.  In recent years Japan has focused on Antarctic and Offshore Mink and other whale hunting. Japan also buys whale meat from Iceland.

Japan has been criticized recently for trying to grow the whale consumption market by promoting consumption to young people. Whale meat is also used for pet food in Japan.

People who are are concerned about this turnabout should support the boycott of Japanese manufactured goods; particularly motor vehicles and electronics.



New Ocean Crisis! Japan resumes whaling in earnest

Japan will resume whaling in July of 2019, in spite of serious opposition to this new activity. Japan already imports, mostly for pet food, whale products from Iceland (Iceland an Norway are the other two non-signatories to the currently–in-effect whaling moratorium).

The world needs to show Japan that it does not support this new endeavor on the part of Japan. That country responds to threats to its  trade. We can all do our bit to pressure Japan by boycotting its manufactured products, particularly automobiles and electronics. Lets stop buying this stuff until Japan re-thinks its whaling policies.

Our world whale population already has to deal with plastic and other pollution, as well as climate change. Lets not put additional stress on these precious ocean creatures…

Also, phoning, writing, emailing, texting to various Japanese government bodies and related associations can produce results, too. Tell Japan what you think!



until January 2, 2019. Happy Holidays! We wish all was well with the world’ wild animals…unfortunately not.


The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has extended the public comment period re 2019 Beaufort Sea oil & gas lease sale. Due to disruptions caused by the Nov. 30 Anchorage-area earthquake, the comment period will now end Jan 4, 2019, 11:59pm EST

via Wed. 12/19: Deadline for comments on oil drilling in a pristine and perilous area filled with endangered animals – EXTENDED to Jan 4th! What’s not to write about? — INDIVISIBLE VENTURA