“Long time advocate and friend, Grandma Gregg, has alerted us to this very important public comment and has gone so far as to allow us to print her communication to the BLM. The importance of posting her words, here, is not to copy and paste them but to give all of us talking points that we can utilize in our own personal comments. She has included BLM contact information in her letter, below. Thanks to all who are the voices for those who cannot speak for themselves” ~ R.T.

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Sources: Down to Earth and others The US Senate recently approved $35 million for the ‘Path Forward’ initiative that critics say will wipe out America’s famed wild equines and open public lands to federally subsidized, cattle farming The move is primarily supported by the powerful American cattle and livestock lobby. This group wants to open […]

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In my humble opinion: “If it is possible to be on the wrong side of any issue, self-proclaimed horse eater Dave “Doink” Duquette will be there. Welfare ranchers and Doink make a perfect mix for misinformation, lies and lets get something for nothing. Losers, each and every one. Doink is a reoccurring nightmare that just keeps slithering back into sane consciousness like some sort of malignant cancer. A cure for this parasitical ailment is long overdue. Oh Dave, parasitical means blood-sucking and ailment means sickness, knew you would have trouble figuring that out, I am to please.” ~ R.T.

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Open Letter from AWHC, at WHFF we share their dismay. Dear Wild Horse & Burro Advocates, This is a difficult email to write, but our commitment to protecting America’s wild horses and burros requires us to share this update. AWHC has always placed a high priority on working collaboratively with other wildlife and animal protection […]

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Source:Wild Hoofbeats On Earth Day 2019 Protect Our Wild Horses and Burros by Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation On Earth Day 2019 the theme is Protect Our Species, https://www.earthday.org/campaigns/endangered-species/earthday2019/ and I find that is appropriate given the challenges that wild horses and burros in America are facing today. Most of the wild […]

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