by Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation The Bureau of Land Management has released the Environmental Assessment for the Fifteenmile Herd Management Area in northern Wyoming, proposing rounding up and removing wild horses down to the low end of the Appropriate Management Level, 70 wild horses, or 100 if the AML […]

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One of the reasons I wanted to start this project was to learn about the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. We share this region with a plethora of wild animals, animals that rely on the same ecosystem we do and are significantly affected by human action and intervention. And there are so many animals that […]

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Toronto Area Waterways Getting Saltier.

The indiscriminate use of road salt  and salt-laced brine can push some Toronto area waterways to saline levels exceeding even that of the oceans, recent research indicates.

U.S. studies, too, around  large cities where winter weather is dealt with by putting salt on roadways, are indicating similar findings, and serious long-term implications, as fish and amphibian species are seriously impacted and declining.

If we need to drive cars in the winter on winter roads, we need to find alternative ways of dealing with these seasonal conditions…


Here’s a report from Jim Robbins writing for Yale 360. Click through and read the whole article and to check out the photo gallery (from Ted Wood). Here’s an excerpt: Once criticized for being a profligate user of water, fast-growing Phoenix has taken some major steps — including banking water in underground reservoirs, slashing per-capita […]

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