The Republic of Botswana alarmed conservation watchdogs and environmentalists around the world when the government announced the end of a five-year prohibition on elephant trophy hunting.

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Botswana has about 130,000 elephants, the largest population in the world, and Botswana is described as its last sanctuary in Africa. Horrible! Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting and commissions a Hollywood PR company to fight negative headlines 😡 While in other African countries elephants are almost extinct for their ivory […]

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Guy Gorney, 64, of Manhattan, Illinois, is identified as the hunter in a shocking video who killed a sleeping lion Gomey shot the lion whilst it was asleep; waking after the first shot and then taking another 2 shots from his gun before it was killed. He made the pathetic excuse for killing the […]

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Today the world celebrates Global Biodiversity Day and I do so in a mood of calm resolve to do what I can to help. Global Biodiversity Day 2019 is themed on “Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health”. I’ve just watched Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator speak candidly on video about how badly human activity has destabilized […]

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