Saving The Albatross From Plastic!

Following his shocking photographs of dead albatross chicks and the diet of plastic that killed them, Chris Jordans new movie is a call to action to repair our broken relationship with planet Earth We are living in a plastic age and the solutions may seem glaringly obvious, so why aren’t all 7.6 billion of us […]

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Action alert! Wild Buffalo Running Out of Safe Places

Son of a gun! Haven’t we got enough cattle?

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Buffalo Field Campaign

Buffalo in the Gardiner Basin, in the vicinity of Yellowstone’s trap. BFC photo by Stephany Seay.

Update from the Field: Wild Buffalo Running Out of Safe Places

Yellowstone is gearing up to capture wild buffalo in the Gardiner Basin. Park employees were seen putting out hay in the outer catch pens of Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek buffalo trap, and have opened the gate, in an attempt to lure buffalo into the facility. Three buffalo were seen in there earlier in the week, but, with the gate opened, they soon left. Winter is a difficult time for grazing animals, and when they see free hay, it’s something that is hard for them to resist.

Montana’s state hunt ended today, February 15, but there are still a number of tribes hunting under treaty right. If Yellowstone begins capturing buffalo in earnest while treaty hunting is ongoing, it will interfere…

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Rare Indonesian Tiger Slaughtered!

March 4, 2018: The carcass of an imperiled Sumatran tiger is pictured hanging from the ray of a public collect space in an Indonesian village.( AFP/ Getty) Remote Indonesian villagers who were becoming increasingly fearful that a shapeshifter was hiding out in their community killed and disemboweled a rare Sumatran tiger on Sunday because they […]

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming Wild Film Festival…

Wildlife film lovers around the world will no doubt be excited by the Jackson Hole WILD Film Competition. There were 900 entries divided between 25 categories and the results are in now with films sorted by category. We can see the film trailers lined up on the website and there’s a very powerful […]

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Thailand, Serene…

Thai photographer Weerapong Chaipung exhibits both a crisp technical prowess with a storytellers eye in these gorgeous photos. Ryan Nance is a Los Angeles and Sarasota based User Experience Designer, a poet and founder of 5 things I learned today. See more images via Thai Photographer’s Vision — 5 things I learned today

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