Defenders of Wildlife News Release WILDLIFE CORRIDORS CONSERVATION ACT OF 2019 INTRODUCED IN CONGRESS WITH BI-PARTISAN SUPPORT FOLLOWING UN REPORT ON GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY CRISIS WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 16, 2019) — Marking the most significant step toward national wildlife conservation in decades, the Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2019 was introduced today in both houses of […]

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Photograph by Bernardo Roca-Rey Ross. The rufous-crested coquette (Lophornis delattrei) is a rare hummingbird found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru. The male has a characteristic orange crest which make this little bird quite special. I had to wait quite some time until I was able to have a proper picture of this little […]

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DESROCHES ISLAND, Seychelles — In a striking speech delivered from deep below the ocean’s surface, the Seychelles president on Sunday made a global plea for stronger protection of the “beating blue heart of our planet.” President Danny Faure’s call for action, the first-ever live speech from an underwater submersible, came from one of the many […]

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