The Washington Post reports on the struggles of reintroducing Gray Wolves to Yellowstone at

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I almost called this page “Juneau What?” but decided against it. We met our tour group out near the Welcome to Juneau sign, I think. We were taking a bus to the whale watching boat, then going to Mendenhall Glacier. The whole process was uneventful so I have nothing interesting to say about it. We […]

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by Kim Powell as published on An Arizona lawmaker met with the U.S. Forest Service and sent them a letter requesting an extensive investigation and transparency with the public regarding the investigation into the shooting deaths of wild horses in Heber. Last week, 15 horses were found dead in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. At […]

via AZ Congressman requests transparency regarding Heber Wild Horse shootings — Straight from the Horse’s Heart Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest officials say eight horses have been found fatally shot in the Heber-Overgaard area. They say the horses were found Friday with gunshot wounds by Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Law Enforcement investigators on the Black Mesa Ranger District along State Route 260 between Payson and Show Low. Forest law enforcement and the Navajo […]

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Slowly, steadily and almost imperceptibly, North America’s bird population is dwindling. The sparrows and finches that visit backyard feeders number fewer each year. The flutelike song of the western meadowlark – the official bird of six U.S. states – is growing more rare. The continent has lost nearly 3 billion birds representing hundreds of species […]

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