Loop News reported that, with the Emperor Valley Zoo in Trinidad and Tobago emptied of people due to the COVID-19 clampdown, a 100-year-old South American river turtle has laid eggs in her enclosure. Zoological officer Sharlene Khan said the South American river turtle is one of the largest freshwater turtle species in the world and has been at the […]

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In 2019, I was fortunate enough to spend a good length of time in Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi. During my stay I was privileged enough to visit the amazing Bunaken Marine Park dozens of times. I remember before deciding to visit North Sulawesi, the only time I had heard or seen the word […]

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Written by Tzu-Ming Liu. The traditional culture of the local aboriginal Tao tribe on Lanyu Island has a very strong cultural taboo regarding the Green Sea Turtles. Their habitat is close to the local population’s traditional cemetery and the area is regarded as the living space of evil spirits. The organisms living in these areas, such as green sea turtles, are believed to have devil spirits.

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Order: Testudines Family: Emydidae Actinemys marmorata (Northwestern pond turtle) and Actinemys pallida (Southwestern pond turtle) Natural History Information Range and Habitat Historically found from southern British Columbia to northern Baja California, Western pond turtles once dominated freshwater systems throughout the west coast of North America (Germano and Bury 2001). Marshes, wetland sloughs, lakes and ponds […]

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Clemmys guttata Order: Testudines Family: Emydidae Natural History Information Range and Habitat Spotted pond turtles are found in large, deep rivers in northern India, Assam, southern Pakistan and Bangladesh. Longevity Spotted pond turtles can live 15 to 20 years or more if cared for properly. Ecosystem Role Husbandry Information Housing Requirements Life Cycle Natural History […]

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