Action – Write a comment before 11:59 pm EST tonight to stop the Trump Administration to allow killing birds “unintentionally. Write against a proposal that would allow the fossil fuel industry to avoid corporate penalties for their lazy and destructive practices that kill millions of our birds every day. Comment here tonight, March 19, by 11:59 […]

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The New York Times reports An official at the Interior Department embarked on a campaign that has inserted misleading language about climate change — including debunked claims that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is beneficial Read more at A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research – The New York Times

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Herald Mall Media reports In Arizona, cactus rustling — stealing or killing the state’s iconic saguaros — is a felony. It’s illegal to shoot or deface the iconic cactuses or to remove them from parks, where the slow-growing succulents can reach more than 60 feet and live up to 200 years. Violators are pursued by state agricultural […]

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Trump Admin Steps Up Pace On First Oil Lease Sale In Alaskan Arctic, Enviros Cry Foul From The Daily Caller Chris White | Energy Reporter The Department of the Interior is fast-tracking plans to sell oil leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Reuters reported Friday. “That lease sale will happen in 2019,” Joe […]

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by Erik Molvar as published on The Trump administration is stampeding ahead with a rewrite of the regulations implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This landmark law requires federal agencies to study—and let the public weigh in on—the environmental impacts of federal actions. Ironically, given NEPA’s central purpose of including the public in […]

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National Parks Conservation Association News Release Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 8 Administrator Greg Sopkin signed a proposed rule to approve Utah’s Regional Haze State Implementation Plan. The plan – essentially the same plan the EPA rejected twice before – rolls back emission reduction requirements for two of the state’s largest polluters, […]

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