Trump Administration Proposes New Limits on Protecting Endangered Species Habitat — Natural History Wanderings

Center for Biological Diversity News Release The Trump administration issued a new proposal today that will severely limit the government’s ability to protect habitat that imperiled animals and plants will need to survive and recover. The proposal, the latest in its attempt to weaken the Endangered Species Act, focuses on a crucial aspect of the […]

Trump Administration Proposes New Limits on Protecting Endangered Species Habitat — Natural History Wanderings

Trump Administration Guts National Environmental Policy Act — Natural History Wanderings

EarthJustice News Release Final Council on Environmental Quality regulations to trigger legal challenges The Trump administration finalized its proposal to gut more than 40 years of settled environmental law. The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) released the final text of a sweeping rule which will eviscerate core components of the National Environmental Policy […]

Trump Administration Guts National Environmental Policy Act — Natural History Wanderings

Defenders of Nature News Release The Trump administration announced that it will finalize new regulations that roll back protections against extreme methods of killing predators and other wildlife in Alaska national preserves. National preserves are managed by the National Park Service (NPS) like national parks, except hunting and fishing are permitted. NPS’s new regulations for […]

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The New York Times reports The Trump Administration Is Reversing Nearly 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List. 64 completed 34 in progress 98 total rollbacks After three years in office, the Trump administration has dismantled most of the major climate and environmental policies the president promised to undo. Calling the rules unnecessary and burdensome to […]

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From Westword (Chase Woodruff): Environmental activists got an unwelcome gift from the federal government on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, when officials with the Environmental Protection Agency revoked clean-water protections for thousands of streams across Colorado. Now advocates and state officials are taking President Donald Trump’s administration to court. One of […]

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Center for Biological Diversity News Release WASHINGTON— The Center for Biological Diversity filed a notice today of its intent to sue the Trump administration over the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision last month to suspend monitoring and reporting requirements for major pollution during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular today’s notice urges the agency to ensure that […]

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The Washington Post reports The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the Trump administration’s reading of a key part of the Clean Water Act as creating an “obvious loophole” in its enforcement, and gave a partial win to environmentalists in a case from Hawaii. The court ruled 6 to 3 that a wastewater treatment plant in Hawaii could […]

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by: Care2 Team recipient: Secretary Ryan Zinke, US Department of Interior 66,062 SUPPORTERS – 70,000 GOAL BREAKING: President Trump just approved seismic blasting off the Atlantic coast that could harm tens of thousands whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals. This is all part of the Trump administration’s plan to open up all U.S. waters to […]

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