The Vulnerable Pangolins are about to be Extinct in the Near Future The vulnerable pangolins are about to be extinct in the near future. They are quickly exiting our planet. And we are the ones pushing them away. Pangolins It’s the only mammal covered by a large protective keratin scales. They are nocturnal mammals that […]

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#AceNewsReport – Mar.05: Customs officials seized 1,529 live turtles in Manila’s main airport on Sunday.An unidentified Filipino passenger left four bags carrying the reptiles unclaimed in the arrival area, the Philippines Bureau of Customs said in a statement on their website. He had traveled to Pinoy Aquino International Airport on a Philippine Airlines flight from […]

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India has an exceptionally rich and highly diversified flora and fauna, exhibiting complex composition, characteristics, and affinities. Over the past century, land-use changes and human population growth have severely affected most Indian mammal species and their habitats. One of the most charismatic and endangered species among large carnivorous mammals found in the Indian Himalayas is […]


The pangolin, or scaly anteater, has the heartbreaking “honor” of being the most illegally trafficked endangered mammal on the planet. The voracious appetite of the Asian traditional medicine market is rapidly pushing this little-known animal towards extinction. This true devastation of the trade has been exposed with new video footage showing the brutal capture and […]

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