Suhas Kumar It is quite intriguing that Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has suddenly changed its stand on breeding and reintroduction of white tiger into wild habitats. In 2013 the WII had responded to a question whether white tigers should be bred with a view to rehabilitate them in Sanjay tiger reserve (part f the […]

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A new study shows that even the RSPO and POIG certified plantations derive from the recent deforestation of the forests of Southeast Asia Globalization of palm oil represents a serious threat to the biological diversity of Southeast Asia, even when the production is certified as sustainable. For the first time, in fact, a new study […]

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Over half of the 147 tigers confiscated from the Tiger Temple – a tourist attraction where visitors could take selfies with the big cats – have died in captivity within the last three years, local media reported. The Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua or Tiger Temple, located west of Bangkok, promoted itself as a wildlife sanctuary that charged visitors […]

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Why bother to clean it up when you can just move the Capitol to another less-polluted city. Indonesia is not exactly at the forefront of conservation as within its boundaries their sub-species of tigers, orangutans, elephants and rhinos (there are others) are at risk in that country wherever they occur, due to habitat loss, palm oil plantations, other types of farming and development, poaching, pollution,climate change, illegal logging, etc, etc; and I guess just not caring enough.
Indonesia is the worlds most populated country on a square foot basis- this is not the wildlife’s fault, though!