Update from Wild Horse Freedom Federation Tortured Twin Peaks Wild Equines Will Be Zeroed Out by BLM Reeling from violent helicopter stampedes and a range fire allegedly allowed to burn by the BLM the remaining native wild horses and burros of Twin Peaks will be removed by the out of control Bureau of Land Management […]

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The full title of this article by Jada Stewart (Global Voices) is “Tobago’s coral bleaching alert makes it clear there is ‘no alternative’ to fighting the climate crisis.” Stewart reports that the island’s reefs are on “Bleaching Alert Level One”—not good, as studies show that coral reefs protect around 90 per cent of Tobago’s shoreline from wave-induced erosion […]

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Why bother to clean it up when you can just move the Capitol to another less-polluted city. Indonesia is not exactly at the forefront of conservation as within its boundaries their sub-species of tigers, orangutans, elephants and rhinos (there are others) are at risk in that country wherever they occur, due to habitat loss, palm oil plantations, other types of farming and development, poaching, pollution,climate change, illegal logging, etc, etc; and I guess just not caring enough.
Indonesia is the worlds most populated country on a square foot basis- this is not the wildlife’s fault, though!

Recently, news hit the United States that the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil has been burning for the last few weeks. Natural fires within a rainforest like the Amazon are rare and don’t occur like they might in other climates, even in the dry season. Many environmentalists have placed blame on farmers and ranchers for setting […]

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