A dead olive ridley sea turtle lies with a rope around its neck on Marari beach near Mararikulam in southern India. Getting tangled in nets and ropes used in the fishing industry are a frequent hazard for the vulnerable creatures, which hatch by the millions in their largest nesting grounds each year along the coast […]

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This 2017 video says about itself: Illegal Japanese whaling filmed by the Australian Government in Antarctica This is the footage that the Australian Government didn’t want you to see. Since 2012, Sea Shepherd has been a part of a joint fight to get the Australian Government to release rare whaling footage obtained on a 2008 […]

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Japan to resume whaling in July 2019

The Japanese government decided to resume whaling in July of this year, reasoning that the world whale populations have stabilized.

In it’s peak whaling year, 1964, Japan slaughtered 24,000 whales.  In recent years Japan has focused on Antarctic and Offshore Mink and other whale hunting. Japan also buys whale meat from Iceland.

Japan has been criticized recently for trying to grow the whale consumption market by promoting consumption to young people. Whale meat is also used for pet food in Japan.

People who are are concerned about this turnabout should support the boycott of Japanese manufactured goods; particularly motor vehicles and electronics.