Luwi James | Post Courier | 18 October 2019 It is confirmed that sea waters in Madang is contaminated and poisoned by highly toxic slurry spill from the Basamuk refinery in Raicoast few months ago. The independent Swiss specialist Dr Mojon who was engaged by the Madang provincial administration has confirmed this in his findings. […]

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Dozens of countries will push at a global meeting for regulations on trade in 18 types of shark and ray, with conservationists warning Thursday of looming extinction for many species. “Sharks and rays are pretty much unmanaged still in fisheries around the world and are disappearing before our eyes,” Luke Warwick of the Wildlife Conservation […]

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Numerous studies support the theory that climate change is contributing in an extraordinary way to the deterioration of the marine ecosystem. The scientists of Australian Research Council, at James Cook University, recently sounded the alarm after verifying that the Great Australian Barrier Reef is destroyed by leaps and bounds. The so-called “whitening” of coral is […]

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Daily Express :: UK Feed The Marine Conservation Zone, Offshore Overfalls, protects the sandy seabed in the English Channel area and is an important habitat for endangered species, specifically the undulated ray. Greenpeace claimed UK law enforcement boarded the Margiris soon after arriving in the English Channel, but found no evidence of illegal activity. The […]

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For several years, conservationists have been puzzled by thousands of brightly colored rubber bands appearing on an uninhabited island off UK’s southwestern tip. Their new theory is that sea birds have been mistaking the bands for worms, according to UK conservation charity the National Trust and the West Cornwall Ringing Group, which has been monitoring […]

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