Agama atra The Southern Rock Agama occurs only in South Africa (portions of every province), Lesotho and very marginally into Namibia and Botswana. They occur in a wide range of habitats, from the seashore to semi-deserts to high mountain plateaus, provided there’s rocks among which to shelter. They feed mainly on various small insects and […]

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Rhino Horn Smugglers Get Jail Time. Turtle Guide To Help Law Enforcement Updated. 94000 School Children Call For Bears To Be Released To Sanctuary! Progress In Schools and Legislation. An informal progress report from Education For Nature Vietnam

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Katie Langin (Science) reports on the state of affairs for Caribbean countries, whose shores have been affected by excessive amounts of Sargassum, and speculations on the factors that contribute to its proliferation: In retrospect, 2011 was just the first wave. That year, massive rafts of Sargassum—a brown seaweed that lives in the open ocean—washed up on […]

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The full title of this article by Aylin Woodward (Business Insider) is “The best underwater photos of the year reveal shipwrecks, sharks, and terrifying deep-sea creatures.” Woodward writes that “amid the depressing news about warming oceans and impending extinctions, images of vulnerable and amazing species can serve as a reminder of what environmental activists are fighting to save.” […]

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