Bay Nature reports The biologists counted 47 blue whales in an hour, the most they’ve ever seen and a “possible record,” according to a press release from NOAA Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary Media and Outreach Specialist Mary Jane Schramm. Johns said there are also humpbacks visiting the islands, and a handful of gray whales. […]

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Aruba Today reports that, last Wednesday, May 27, a leatherback turtle hatching took place on Eagle Beach, just in front of the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. As Turtugaruba informs, in Aruba (as in most of the Caribbean) the nesting season runs from March through September, and hatching takes place from May to November (incubation […]

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This 17 March 2018 video is called Mealworms & Superworms Can Digest Styrofoam? with Eddy Garcia. From the American Chemical Society in the USA: Superworms digest plastic, with help from their bacterial sidekicks May 27, 2020 Resembling giant mealworms, superworms (Zophobas atratus) are beetle larvae that are often sold in pet stores as feed for […]