While photographing wildlife in the Penrissen Mountains of Borneo, photographer Bjorn Olesen hoped to capture activity of the Speckled Spiderhunter (Arachnothere flavigester). When he spotted this juvenile trying to get its parents’ attention, he was captivated and watched as its attempts went unnoticed and it then flew away. To Bjorn, this “symbolizes youth, vitality and […]

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Genus Nephila The Golden Orb-web Spiders are some of the most impressive, and noticeable, arachnids you’ll encounter in South Africa. With a body length of up to 6cm and legspan of 10cm or more, female Golden Orb-Web Spiders are much larger than the males (whose bodies are usually less than a cm long), whom are often found […]

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The Jumping Spider of Japan…

This video says about itself: Jumping spider (Menemerus brachygnathus (Thorell)) filmed in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan on 11 June 2017. This specimen was about 1 cm in length. Related articles Tokyo children’s playground closed over nuclear radiation Jumping spiders are masters of miniature color vision Fukushima nuclear disaster news roundup

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