Genus Nephila The Golden Orb-web Spiders are some of the most impressive, and noticeable, arachnids you’ll encounter in South Africa. With a body length of up to 6cm and legspan of 10cm or more, female Golden Orb-Web Spiders are much larger than the males (whose bodies are usually less than a cm long), whom are often found […]

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Where is a better place to see a Whale shark than Exmouth, Australia? Being the largest fish and an endangered species, Whale Shark made it into my bucket list and its this summer in Exmouth, I was very fortunate to swim and monitor this massive filter-feeding shark. Words cannot describe the overwhelming feelings of seeing […]

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The Jumping Spider of Japan…

This video says about itself: Jumping spider (Menemerus brachygnathus (Thorell)) filmed in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan on 11 June 2017. This specimen was about 1 cm in length. Related articles Tokyo children’s playground closed over nuclear radiation Jumping spiders are masters of miniature color vision Fukushima nuclear disaster news roundup

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