Lawsuit To Reinstate Sperm Whale Protections — Natural History Wanderings

Press Release Center for Biological Diversity Lawsuit Launched to Reinstate Protections for Endangered Sperm Whales Threatened by California Drift Gillnet Fishery SAN FRANCISCO— Conservation groups today announced plans to file a lawsuit to reinstate rules designed to protect endangered sperm whales from deadly, mile-long drift gillnets in ocean waters off California. The National Marine Fisheries […]

Lawsuit To Reinstate Sperm Whale Protections — Natural History Wanderings

Mediterranean sperm whales, new research

This 13 June 2014 video says about itself: Underwater images of sperm whale bachelor groups in the waters of Ischia. The sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) is one of the eight species of cetaceans routinely encountered in the Mediterranean Sea; however, information on the social organisation of sperm whales living in the basin remains scarce. We […]

Mediterranean sperm whales, new research