Like other vultures, the king vulture is a scavenger. These large birds glide on air currents, conserving energy while searching the forests or savanna below for the corpses of dead animals. Because of their unappetizing eating habits, they fill an ecological niche, and may help to prevent the spread of disease by disposing of rotting […]

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A yellow-throated toucan. One in seven of all animal species can be found in Colombia, including 467 types of mammals, 1,768 birds, 609 amphibians and 475 reptiles Most of the animals at the Santa Cruz Foundation in San Antonio, Colombia, have been rescued from traffickers and circuses. The multimillion-dollar illegal wildlife trade is the fourth-largest […]

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The Antigua Observer quotes a NASDAQ report stating that Guyana has the fastest growing economy rate in the world. Although the article mentions that the country has an “abundance of resources,” it focuses on discoveries made by ExxonMobil in Guyana and the country’s expected oil production. The world’s second largest stock market NASDAQ, has named Guyana […]

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This December 2017 video is called Protecting leatherback turtles – Blue Planet II: Episode 7 Preview – BBC One. From the University of Exeter in England: ‘Gentle recovery’ of Brazil’s leatherback turtles July 1, 2019 Brazil’s leatherback turtles are making a “gentle recovery” after 30 years of conservation efforts, new research shows. Scientists studied nesting […]

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