A current hot topic is Plastic pollution, there is growing concern surrounding plastic pollution and with good reason, Microplastic has been reported in every major open ocean and many freshwater lakes and rivers (Rochman Et Al, 2015). What are microplastics and why are they a problem? The size of plastic pollution (Macroplastic – (>5mm), Microplastic – […]

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Polar Bear & Ice Stories

Another fat bear onshore in late winter, this time along the Quebec shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (22 March 2017) – and this time, one of the witnesses to the sighting took some great photos. Courtesy CBC News (Polar bear makes rare appearance on Quebec’s Lower North Shore 24 March 2017). Quotes, location […]

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Sharks & Seals Coming To Los Angeles & Long Beach Ports — Natural History Wanderings

The Press-Telegram reports on Why sharks and seals are coming to Los Angeles and Long Beach ports Once inhospitable to sea life, the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports have slowly wooed marine life to return, thanks to decades of tough environmental regulations. Read story at Why sharks and seals are coming to Los Angeles […]

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Obama is reportedly trying to ban Arctic drilling for the next five years — Quartz

With just two months before he leaves office, US president Barack Obama will reportedly attempt to block oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean for the next five years. It would be a largely symbolic move, considering the decision must be reviewed by Congress and could be reversed by the next administration. But the most important…

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Plastic is killing young Albatros affecting that species ability to reproduce and replace themselves, killing  Sperm Whales who end up beached in significant numbers their gut full of undigestible plastic items, killing sea turtles and all manner of other wildlife as plastic waste clogs rivers, lakes, streams and oceans adding additional pressure on the living things that depend on these waters and beaches.

The world can do without the quantity of plastic bags it produces and uses, lets get rid of them.

Let us start a massive ‘get rid of plastic bags’ campaign, WORLWIDE!

‘Threatened’ Arctic species comparison shows USA most assertive about global warming


A cross-Arctic comparison shows that the US has been the most aggressive in designating polar bears and their main prey species as ‘threatened with extinction’ due to the predicted effects of human-caused (“anthropogenic”) global warming (AGW), even though the US has the least amount of sea ice habit of all circumpolar nations.

Arctic marine mammals_Dec 31 2014_Polarbearscience

I’ve made a chart listing the conservation status of these species across all Arctic nations (Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark (for Greenland) and the USA), as well as the one international body that considers the conservation status of all species (International Union for Conservation of Nature, IUCN).

Oddly, the IUCN considers the polar bear vulnerable due to future threats from predicted sea ice losses but not ringed seals or bearded seals. This situation highlights the capricious nature of the use of “future threats” (almost exclusively based on predictions of AGW) as a valid criteria for evaluating the…

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