We left the Ruacana Falls (or Rock Face!) and went south to enter the Etosha National Park from the West side but on the way down I wanted to stop in and have a look at a massive Boabab tree. It was huge as can be seen in the photos, hundreds of years old and […]

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Kruger National Park ………… just writing those words brings an immediate sense of anticipation …… especially when you have made as many visits as we have and enjoyed such a diversity of wonderful bush experiences. It was in April this year, while spending a week at Pine lake Resort near White River, that we decided to visit […]

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Oena capensis The small (40g) Namaqua Dove with its characteristically long tail feathers (total length including the tail is around 22cm) inhabits dry savannas, grasslands and scrub, where it forages on the open ground almost exclusively for the tiny seeds of a wide variety of grasses and other plants. Unlike many other species of pigeon […]

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