Our international flight from London was to Nairobi where we stayed overnight at Serena Hotel. From there next morning we left for Amboseli which was a 4-hour drive. At Amboseli we stayed at the Serena Safari Lodge which is right inside the park on a higher plateau. The view from the lodge was fabulous and we […]

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Sudan, the last surviving male northern white rhino, died aged 45 in March 2018 in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. In December his keeper, Zacharia Mutai, spoke about the rhino’s life and legacy. Only two female northern white rhinos now survive.


Lagonosticta rubricata The shy African Firefinch is a tiny (11cm, 10g) seedeater inhabiting humid thickets in savanna and riverine woodland. They are usually seen in pairs or small groups. Pairs are monogamous and the male is responsible for the building of the small ball-shaped grass-nest in a densely-leaved bush or dense grass during the […]

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